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If you are looking for innovative ways to reduce Oil and Equipment Costs, the  OilTrac ™ Program is the right Program for your Company

For more than 20 years, we have been successfully servicing Industrial, Commercial and Government business sectors by eliminating waste.

Our unique approach integrates Oil Testing, Oil Analysis, Maintenance Planning, and Cost Analysis into a single Integrated Program.

We specialize in providing industry High Payback Oil Analysis and Maintenance Tools, along with an innovative Cost Analysis Model to deliver unparalleled value.

Return on Investment is typically less than 1 Year--with a 10:1 savings to cost ratio.

Each Year we provide you a complete Program Value Analysis with documented Cost Avoidance opportunities verses actual Achieved Savings,  all the way down to the equipment level.

You can then utilize this information to set management priorities, establish capital budgets, and manage the implementation schedule.

Setting up an Oil Analysis Program?             We can Help

We recognize there is no One Size Fits All approach.  Our business success is founded on the understanding that your specific industry and plant has it's own fluid maintenance challenges.

With that in mind, we start with asking how your business operates, what services and skills are already in place, and what are your goals. 

We then tailor a solution to address the individual needs of your business, by developing a customized Oil Analysis Program utilizing our tools and expertise.  

As your trusted advisor  we will establish an effective  program to:

  • Set fluid cleanliness Targets
  • Train your personnel to Sample machines to our Standard Procedur
  • Implement Oil Analysis best practices
  • Compare existing plant equipment to Targets
  • Identify Cost Avoidance opportunities
  • Install OilTrac™ Software and provide training
  • Recommend Corrective Actions
  • Document Cost Savings and other performance indicators

As a leading provider of Industrial Oil Analysis Programs, we have the experience, capability and expertise to provide you with comprehensive Fluid Maintenance Services.

We are committed to providing clear and accurate analyses, with meaningful and attainable recommendations.


Not only can we measure and control Oil condition,  but we can quantify the savings.


      Do you have a technical question?  Ask our technical Staff about               specific Oil or Machine problem and we can answer your inquiry and           help you solve your Fluid-based issues.




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